Eric Graf is 25 years old. He is a 2013 graduate of the University at Albany, where he earned a dual Bachelor's degree in U.S. History and Sociology. Apart from his 4 years in Albany, he has lived on Tipp Hill since he was 15.  His father's family has been on Tipp Hill since 1930 and his mother grew up in the Near West Side.

He worked at P&C/Tops from 16 to 24 and currently works for the Syracuse City School District.

He has been interested in politics since he was very young. He was volunteered on several campaigns for other candidates, but this is the first run of his own, outside of two successful runs for Class President in his Junior and Senior years at Bishop Ludden High School.

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As a political party we work to establish political action based on cooperation, rather than exploitation, on conservation rather than consumption, and on sustainability rather than short-term gain. We believe in an alternative, independent politics.