2017 City Platform

Green Party Candidates 2017


Howie Hawkins – Mayor                                 Eric Graf – 2nd District Councilor

Frank Cetera – Councilor-At-Large             Serena Seals – 4th District Councilor


The Greens have a plan to build a sustainable prosperity that uplifts poor and working-class people and retains and attracts middle-class people and businesses.


Progressive Tax Reforms: Prevent city bankruptcy and fully fund city services.

City Income Tax: A progressively graduated income tax on residents and commuters.

State Revenue-Sharing: Restore to pay for unfunded state mandates.

Countywide Property Tax Sharing: As recommended by the Consensus Commission.

NY Health Plan – State-level Medicare for All to take health care off the city budget.

Cut Regressive Sales and Property Taxes once other progressive tax reforms take effect.


Jobs for City Residents and Minorities

Improve and enforce the Equal Employment Opportunity Program so that city residents and minorities get their fair share of city-funded jobs with city departments and contractors.


Build Community Wealth

Worker Cooperatives: Develop worker co-ops where the wealth created by workers' labor stays with working families as increased income and assets.

Public Power and Broadband to lower the costs of living and doing business.


Reduce Poverty: End Syracuse having the most concentrated (segregated) poverty in U.S.

Inclusionary Zoning to desegregate housing by race and class.

Desegregate Schools: End tracking within the district and pursue inter-district desegregation by race and class.


Crime Reduction and Police Reform

Invest in poor neighborhoods: schools, jobs, housing, and youth recreation and mentoring.

Divest from militarized “broken windows” policing and mass incarceration.

Invest in community policing, de-escalation tactics, and restorative justice programs.

Diversify the police force.

Support the Citizen Review Board.

Support Sanctuary City policies.


Environmental and Economic Sustainability

I-81: Replace elevated highway with a community street grid and rebuild the 15th Ward as a residential and commercial neighborhood that is mixed-income, mixed-use, and walkable.

Deer: Employ dogs to shepherd deer out of the city.

Sidewalks: Municipal responsibility for snow removal and maintenance.

100% Renewable Energy: Public power to move the city toward affordable clean energy.


Inclusive Democracy

Neighborhood Assemblies: Neighborhood-directed planning and participatory budgeting.

Proportional Representation on Common Council.

Ranked-Choice Instant Runoff Voting for Mayor, Auditor, and Council President.

Public Campaign Fund: Public funding for candidates who opt out of private funding.

Metro Government: No to the Consensus Commission proposal. Yes to metropolitan government based on Proportional Representation and a Federation of Cities and Towns.


Syracuse Green Party

Make donation checks “Vote Green Syracuse” and send to P.O. Box 562, Syracuse NY 13205. Or donate online at http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/candidates.

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