Syracuse Greens Monthy Meeting, Monday November 11, 7pm






On Election Night, our hard work did not result in the electoral wins many of us hoped for. Yet the sheer volume of volunteer participation in the Syracuse Greens 2013 campaigns was unprecedented, giving me much hope for the possibilities moving forward as we keep working together. You can read initial post-election statements from Kevin, Barbara and Howie on the Syracuse Greens website. The vote totals were 15% for Kevin Bott for Mayor, 8% for Barbara Humphrey for School Board and 40% for Howie Hawkins in the 4th District Council race.

As we brush off the dust, remember that our city and our planet need us. I hope you will be part of growing our local, state and national Green Party movement - a movement for a just and sustainable future, for a politics that puts the rights of people and planet first. Be sure to connect with Green Party of Onondaga County on Facebook.

To learn about ways to stay involved and participate, please mark your calendar for the Syracuse Greens monthly meeting - this coming Monday, Nov. 11 at 7pm at the Center for Peace and Social Justice. Open to Green party members and supporters. RSVP here. There'll be pizza from Pudgies at 6:45. If you can't make it and would like to talk about ways you'd like to be part of local and statewide organizing, please get in touch. You can find contact info for our party officers including party chair Barry Lentz at and you can always contact our candidates and campaign team. 

Below are a couple of upcoming opportunities for Greens to have an impact in the local political process - in banning the warrantless use of drones by Syracuse Police, on the future of I-81 and on the GMO Free NY campaign - there'll be more in the coming weeks and months. 

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Election 2013 Candidate Statements

Every Green vote was a conscious vote 

Howie Hawkins

40% for a Green Party candidate where the Democratic Party threw everything it had into the race is nothing to be discouraged about. Our capacity in terms of volunteers, fundraising, and campaign skills exploded. We offered realistic and positive alternatives to a status quo that is failing.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated. Please stay engaged. We need each other because there are serious issues in the city - from the fiscal crisis of the city, to the economic crisis facing the city's working class, to rising crime and violence, to schools being set up for "failure" and privatization. Unfortunately, these issues did not become galvanizing issues given the media blackout of the election and the failure of media and civic organizations not only to not organize mayoral debates, but to not raise holy hell about the mayor's refusal to debate and only offer such farces as her Twitter Town Hall on the daily newspapers website.

So the power structure got its people back in city hall because the people in the neighborhoods weren't aroused by a compelling election debate with serious media coverage.

The turnout citywide was a record low by far. Only in the highly contested 4th District, where Greens and Democrats were fully engaged in intensive canvassing of the voters, did the total vote remain as high as the previous mayoral election. Take credit for that.

Every Green vote was a conscious vote. Most of the Democratic votes were automatic default votes. The Dems are losing voters citywide, while the Greens are gaining. Syracuse remains a one-party Democratic city government, but it has a real and growing opposition from the Greens.

No matter how well organized a campaign and how much in line with people's interests and sentiments, the biggest factors affecting the result are often ones we can't control. So the results last night are not surprising given we had no larger forces working in our favor this year, no defining issue in the media that engaged all the voters in thinking, debating, and then voting on the alternatives offered.

I have a million ideas for how to change that and I'm sure you do. So we will meet, evaluate, plan our next steps, and get to work.

~ Howie Hawkins

 READ MORE to hear from Kevin Bott and Barbara Humphrey

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GOTV 2013 - Get Out The Vote Volunteering!!!


Election Day is just 4 days away and it's time to GOTV - GET OUT THE VOTE!

Our candidates have gained many supporters over the past weeks and months and we want to make sure thosesupporters get to the polls. If you are in a position to take time off from your regular job, please consider doing so to join the Syracuse Greens to GET OUT THE VOTE on Election Day, this coming Tuesday November 5th.
Be a Green Hawk this weekend and help us get Greens elected in Syracuse.  Here is the schedule for GET OUT THE VOTE - please help as much as you can - The Time Is NOW!

Frank Cetera, Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]

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Howie PhotoBlast Support on Facebook!





Show your support for Howie Hawkins for 4th District Council in Syracuse! Change your Facebook profile pic to one of the funky colored designs we have here, and be a "Green Hawk for Howie" through Election Day on November 5th!

It's easy, it's simple, it's effective if we get enough people to do it. Let's share this event with all our progressive friends, everyone who wants to see a difference in our political system, our educational system, our economic system, our social system. Learn more about Howie's platform at

Help Howie bridge the gap of only 83 losing votes in 2011, and we all make history together by getting the first Green elected to public office in Syracuse, NY! Vote Row F for Green on Tuesday November 5th!

Pic your favorite color combo, or request a new one. Custom color combos on request and as time allows! Photoset available at:

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Sunday, November 3, 2013 from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Beer Belly on Westcott Street, Syracuse, NY

It's Beer Belly Day for the Green Party!  Celebrate our volunteers, supporters, friends - and GO ALL-IN FOR VICTORY on Tuesday, November 5th.  Free Food, Free Fun, & YOU.  No RSVP required, see you there!

You can RSVP and share at


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1 Week Till Election Day - The Time is NOW For The Future!









Exactly one week until E-Day!  Please give what you can of your time.  Can you give one evening, one hour, some time over the weekend?  You are the lifeblood of the Green's campaigns for Howie, Barbara and Kevin.  There is no time like now for the future!


GOTV DOOR CANVASSING: Various Times through the day to meet your schedule -  WEEKDAY EVENINGS, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY

ELECTION DAY VOLUNTEERING:  ALL DAY on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5th - Poll Watching, Ride Giving, Human Billboards, Door Knocking, Phone Calling.

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A Direct Appeal from Howie Hawkins - Thank You. There's Only 10 Days Left.

I owe you and all of my supporters big time. 190 of you have contributed financially to my campaign so far. Over 30 of you have volunteered to make phone calls, knock on doors, drop literature, lick stamps, plant yard signs, and more. I am working hard with your support – knocking doors, making calls, attending meetings, and communicating with media– taking opportunities to connect with voters during all waking hours. This campaign is truly a grassroots, collective effort. 

Our campaign has already paid for two direct mailings, literature, postcards to public housing tenants for meetings, phone banking, and other expenses. With 10 days to the election, we need to make a final push.

We need to raise money for our last major expense: $2,500 for paid Get Out the Vote (GOTV) workers and materials. Our GOTV plan calls for, in addition to volunteers, 200 hours of paid work by campaign workers who will take off from their regular jobs to work on this campaign the last four days. We need them. 

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A Direct Appeal from Barbara Humphrey - Elections are One Week Away and We Need YOUR Help!

Election day is barely one week away. It has been an exciting six months since we announced our campaigns for mayor, 4th district common council and school board.  We have been working hard to deliver our message to Syracuse that the Green Party will speak up for Syracuse and Syracuse schools.  As the candidate for Board of Education, I am speaking up for fully funded schools and the rights of students, families, professional educators and support staff, and neighborhoods to take back our schools as centers of community life and quality public education.

While the state refuses to give Syracuse equity school aid, Governor Cuomo calls for "death penalties" for low performing public schools and NYS Education Commission John King requests permission to take over failing school districts using students' high stakes test scores based on Common Core Standards.  As a Green, I have the independence to speak up for our fair share of state aid and speak up against federal No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top mandates--implementation of unproven curricula, high stakes testing against that curricula, and using test scores to punish teachers, close schools, fail districts and lead the way to privatization of public education.   


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Halloween Party and Lit Drop Weekend!

Where are you going to be on Election Day?  We need a crowd of hands and feet, a critical mass, a multitude of citizens, a band of brothers and sisters, a throng of support, an aerie of Green Hawks committed to building a more just community.  Sign up to volunteer on E-Day!

We're knocking on the doorstep, both literally with our canvassing, and proverbially, as we're working hard to push Howie Hawkins over the threshold to election (he won 48% of the vote in 2011).  This year, please help us make change and make history by participating in Syracuse campaigns - phone-banking to voters happens every weeknight from 5:30-8:30. Our door to door effort goes out Monday-Thursday at 5 pm - dark.  Visit our Syracuse Greens Volunteer page and sign up; call Volunteer Coordinator Frank Cetera at 315-308-1372 or email at [email protected].   

    Pickup materials between 10:00-11:00 AM on Saturday, 
    and between 11:00-12:00 NOON on Sunday.
    Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    Art Rage Gallery - 505 Hawley Ave, Syracuse, NY
    Monday, October 28, 2013 starting at 7:00 PM
    Onondaga Community College, 101 Whitney Hall
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2 Weeks Till Election Day - Many Hands Make Light Work

Remember we need you for door knocking every M, T, W, TH from 5:00 PM - Dark; and phone-banking every M, T, W, TH from 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM.  Give an hour or three as soon as you can :>) If everyone gives one hour per week we'll have this licked.

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