A Welcome Message from Our GPOC Committee Chair


Thank you for your time, your financial support and your passion for the Green Party and its 2014 candidates, especially our own Howie Hawkins and his running mate, Brian Jones.  Because you helped bring the Green Party message to voters this year, we saw the number of votes cast in New York for our Green Team increase to over 300% of our 2010 totals.    

Sadly, I wasn't able to be very hands on with the Hawkins campaign in 2014.  But I plan to call you in the next few weeks and hope to see you at our December 2nd meeting so that we can get to know one another better.  I look forward to hearing what brought you to the Green Party as a supporter this year and how you plan to stay involved.  If you have not yet done so, I urge you to register Green and consider a sustaining monthly donation at whatever level is affordable to you.  I also hope that you will continue your activism in whatever other areas of Green politics you find most satisfying -- as a candidate, campaign manager, campaign volunteer, office volunteer, etc.  

Building the Green Party to further our progressive agenda of a living wage, full employment, an end to wars and drone strikes, universal health care, free public education, and more, has been a dream of mine for many years.  I look forward to working with you to capitalize on our success in 2014 to make this dream come true.


Barb Humphrey, GPOC Coordinating Committee Chair

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