A Direct Appeal from Howie Hawkins - Thank You. There's Only 10 Days Left.

I owe you and all of my supporters big time. 190 of you have contributed financially to my campaign so far. Over 30 of you have volunteered to make phone calls, knock on doors, drop literature, lick stamps, plant yard signs, and more. I am working hard with your support – knocking doors, making calls, attending meetings, and communicating with media– taking opportunities to connect with voters during all waking hours. This campaign is truly a grassroots, collective effort. 

Our campaign has already paid for two direct mailings, literature, postcards to public housing tenants for meetings, phone banking, and other expenses. With 10 days to the election, we need to make a final push.

We need to raise money for our last major expense: $2,500 for paid Get Out the Vote (GOTV) workers and materials. Our GOTV plan calls for, in addition to volunteers, 200 hours of paid work by campaign workers who will take off from their regular jobs to work on this campaign the last four days. We need them. 


The city Democratic Machine is focused on defeating my campaign, which threatens one-party rule in Syracuse. The Mayor, with her campaign war-chest in the $100,000s, has her campaign workers out canvassing for my opponent. Non-union city staff depend on their jobs from the mayor and they are expected to work for the boss on Election Day, which they will have off from work.

A Green can beat the Machine! But we need you to help these last 10 days. Please make a financial contribution now. No contribution is too small.

If you live in the Syracuse area, please plan some time to work on the campaign in the final four days. Contact our volunteer coordinator, Frank Cetera, (315) 308-1372 or let us know via our website, www.howiehawkins.org/get_involved

I received 48% of the vote against the same opponent two years ago. We are ahead of where we were in 2011 and if we can withstand the onslaught of the Democratic Machine these last 10 days, we can win. Let's make the final push and win this election.

Vote Green, Not Machine, in 2013!

-Howie Hawkins


PS: Please donate what you can, whether it's $50 or $10 – it will help us get our supporters to the polls on Election Day. If you've already donated, please consider one more contribution if you can afford it.

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