E-news 8.1.13 - Sunday Brunch w/ the Punk Patriot; Barb's New Blog; Greens Monthly Meeting


Everyday, our campaigns are gearing up to make 2013 a winning year for the Syracuse Greens and we need your help! In 2011, Howie Hawkins won 48% of the vote in his campaign for Syracuse City Council. In 2013, we intend to win. HowieBarbara and Kevin, can't do it alone. Please, join us at upcoming events, make a donation, and sign-up to volunteer. Many hands make light work - and 2013 can be the year the Syracuse Greens win! Click "Read More" to get full details of the following:

  • Brunch w/ Asher Platts (the Punk Patriot) of the Maine Green, Sunday August 4, 11:30 am
  • Barb's New Blog
  • Syracuse Greens Monthly Meeting - Monday August 5th at 7:00 pm
  • Become a Green Sustainer
  • Sign Up to Volunteer

Brunch w/ Asher Platts (the Punk Patriot) of the Maine Green, Sunday August 4, 11:30 am Asher Platts, aka the Punk Patriot, is visiting Syracuse this weekend all the way from Portland Maine where he is Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party. He'll share some of the successful organizing strategies Greens are using in Maine - to fight Tar Sands, reform drug policy, and get GREENS ELECTED to local office.  Join us for a potluck style brunch at the Bread and Roses Collective, 162 Cambridge St in Syracuse (if it's nice, we'll eat in the garden). This is an informal event, but try to arrive kind of on time - and  if you can RSVP and post in the comments what you think you'll bring at the Facebook event page - there'll be bagels and coffee, so please bring accompaniments or spreads!

Barb's New Blog
  SCSD Board of Education candidate Barbara Humphrey has a new blog on her website where she will be posting her thoughts as she campaigns for Board of Education! Read her first blog post titled "In the Beginning... July 29th 2013" and be sure to check in regularly for new blog posts at   http://www.barbforboard.com/blog.  

Syracuse Greens Monthly Meeting - Monday August 5th at 7:00 pm  The Syracuse Greens meet on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at 2013 E. Genesee St.  This week we will be focusing primarily on local organizing for 2013 electoral campaigns. Please come if you would like to take part in the strategizing and to learn how you can contribute to organizing winning campaigns this year. Contact Ursula at [email protected]

Become a Green Sustainer  We are grassroots and people-powered but our growing party does need financial resources to be effective. Please donate what you can and Become A Green Sustainer Today. We're the only ones we can count on to help fund our independent, non-corporate, party today

Sign Up to Volunteer You can take the next step to volunteering in several ways.  Visit our Syracuse Greens Volunteer page and sign up; or call Volunteer Coordinator Frank Cetera at 315-308-1372 or email at [email protected].  

Now, for the future,

Frank, SyracuseGreens

Howie Hawkins for Common Council
Barbara Humphrey for School Board
Kevin Bott for Mayor
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