E-News 9.9.13 - Westcott Fair Parade; Bott Mayoral Kick-off; Fall Convention




The cool autumn air brings with it the heat of the campaign season! You can help make 2013 a winning year by volunteering, and donating to help elect Green in Syracuse - Howie Hawkins won 48% in 2011 and this year, we're closing that gap. And the city-wide campaigns of Kevin Bott for Mayor and Barb for School Board are expanding the reach of the Green party and our practical solutions everyday. Below are a few ways for you to get involved in the coming week - come out, lend a hand and be seen being Green.

  • March in the Westcott Street Cultural Fair Parade!  
  • Kevin Bott for Mayor Campaign Kickoff Press Conference
  • Green Party of Onondaga County Fall Convention
  • Become a Green Sustainer
  • Sign Up to Volunteer

March in the Westcott Street Cultural Fair Parade!  
RSVP at http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/march_in_2013_westcott_street_fair_parade
March with the Syracuse Greens in the Westcott Street Cultural Fair Parade on Sunday September 15thWe'll meet in the lineup at the Westcott Community Center at 11:30 am, find us in line, or ask a parade organizer where to find the Green Party in line. Parade starts at 12 noon sharp, and proceeds down Westcott to Dell Street.

Wear your Green Party gear, or any green colored shirts, tees, hats, pantaloons, skirts, you have and show your colors! Bring signs that support Greens values and platform policies (find out more at Values - http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/values or Platform - http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/platform)

Kevin Bott for Mayor Campaign Kickoff Press Conference 
RSVP at http://www.kevinbott.org/bott_for_mayor_campaign_kickoff_press_conference
Join Dr. Kevin Bott and supporters on the steps of Syracuse City Hall, Wednesday, September 11 at 12:30pm, for the launch of his campaign for mayor. If you believe that together we can improve our city and create a Syracuse that it works for all, then please join us on the steps of City Hall this Wednesday

Green Party of Onondaga County Fall Convention
The Fall Convention will be held on Monday September 16th. Agenda items include election of officers, amendments of the OCGP Platform Plank 5-17, and an update from the campaign trail (yes, you'll be asked to volunteer!) Visit the event page to RSVP (appreciated but not required) and for full details of the agenda items.

Become a Green Sustainer  We are grassroots and people-powered but our growing party does need financial resources to be effective. Please donate what you can and Become A Green Sustainer Today. We're the only ones we can count on to help fund our independent, non-corporate, party today

Sign Up to Volunteer You can take the next step to volunteering in several ways. Visit our Syracuse Greens Volunteer page and sign up; call Volunteer Coordinator Frank Cetera at 315-308-1372 or email at [email protected].  

Now, for the future,

Frank and Ursula on Behalf of SyracuseGreens

Howie Hawkins for Common Council
Barbara Humphrey for School Board
Kevin Bott for Mayor

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As a political party we work to establish political action based on cooperation, rather than exploitation, on conservation rather than consumption, and on sustainability rather than short-term gain. We believe in an alternative, independent politics.