Election Day 2014 One Week Later

Please accept a hearty THANK YOU to our supporters, volunteers, and newest members here in Syracuse and Onondaga County.  


Following Election Day 2014's vote total of nearly 5% (176,269 votes) for Hawkins for Governor, and a rise to Line D on theballot (formerly we were two further down at F), the Green Party in New York State is as strong as it has ever been - but not strong enough.

In a mostly dismal election year, Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones gave the left something to cheer about with their Green Party campaign for the governor and lieutenant governor of New York. By getting almost 5 percent and 200,000 votes, Hawkins-Jones had the most successful independent left-wing campaign in New York state in more than 50 years. 
- "This Campaign Doesn't End on Election Day"  http://socialistworker.org/2014/11/13/this-campaign-doesnt-end-here

It's not good enough to only think of Election Season as October-November, or even May-November, because it is time to work on party building now and year-round through:

  1. Registering Green Voters Ask Us for a Form or Find Other Options by Clicking Here
  2. Signing Up State Party Supporting Members - Click Here
  3. Providing Feedback on the Recent Campaign Effort - Click Here
  4. Working and Learning Together Locally - Stay Tuned for a December County Meeting Announcement, Help us Grow on Social Media in the Meantime by Liking and Sharing.
  5. Identifying Offices and Candidates for 2015 

We can't leave the light on, or always have someone home, but if you see it shining, please stop into our office at 2013 East Genesee St in Syracuse.  

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