March in 2013 Westcott Street Fair Parade

1262928_510445429030936_180880138_o.jpgMarch with the Syracuse Greens in the Westcott Street Cultural Fair Parade on Sunday September 15th! We want to have at least 30 people in our group to show how Green proud and strong we are, and to keep raising the roof of support and interest for our 2013 candidates. This is a fun way to get involved and meet other Greens, so come on out!  

We'll meet in the lineup at the Westcott Community Center at 11:30 am, find us in line, or ask a parade organizer where to find the Green Party in line. Parade starts at 12 noon sharp, and proceeds down Westcott to Dell Street.

Please RSVP here - to boost the momentum for the event and share with others.  Also available on Facebook! -

Wear your Green Party gear, or any green colored shirts, tees, hats, pantaloons, skirts, you have and show your colors! Bring signs that support Greens values and platform policies (find out more at Values - or Platform -

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