Fundraising Local Get Out The Vote Efforts


The Green Party of Onondaga County is focusing its efforts this election season on Get Out The Vote outreach for Presidential candidate Jill Stein (with VP running mate Ajamu Baraka), and United State Senator candidate Robin Laverne Wilson.

As with every election season, it is time to ask you to be as generous as you can to help support our efforts locally in these endeavors. Can you please make a one-time financial donation to our County fund today so that we can outreach for these candidates as effectively as possible here in CNY?

Many of you give every election season to support local candidates, and some of that money goes towards supporting our County office, supplies, and volunteer support infrastructure. With no local candidates on the ballot this year, you won't be getting any phone calls asking directly for money from them. So we are reaching out as a County Committee to ask instead.

We already have scheduled events that have taken place such as:

> Our outreach at the Great New York State Fair
> Parading and tabling at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair
> Weekly phone-banking
> Open The Debates Rally in front of Clinton's Syracuse Campaign Headquarters
> Standouts on the corner of West Genesee and West Fayette streets with signs

As well as upcoming outreach including:
> Door-Knocking in October
> Phone-banking and standouts continuing through Election Day
> Read more from our recent organizing meeting.

Help us make this year another great Green turnout at the ballots, and keep the pressure on the 2-party system by helping us show up as the independent third party alternative here in New York!

Make your one-time 2016 election season financial donation today!!

With Dignity,

Frank Cetera, Onondaga County Treasurer, NY State Committee Representative

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