Getting Out The Vote, and You, for Hawkins for Governor!

It's time to think GOTV - Get Out The Vote - for Howie Hawkins for Governor!  

We're putting out the call locally to ask you to volunteer to help us Get Out The Vote for Howie over the next 7 days here in Syracuse. Are you able to spend some time with us making phone calls, distributing leaflets door-to-door, or working Election Day for the only true progressive NY vote on the ballot?

  • Evening Phone-Calling10245443_889367807755116_4120661140762363311_n.jpg

    • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday 5:30pm-8:30pm

  • Door-To-Door Literature Drops

    • Saturday or Sunday at 12noon-2pm 

  • Sunday Phone Banking with PIZZA!
    • Sunday from 12noon - 5pm
  • Election Day (Tuesday November 4)

    • Human Billboard >>> 7am-9amor 4pm-6pm

    • Flyering at Polling Places >>>  Anytime between 6am-9pm

    • Phone Call Voting Reminders in the Office >>>  10am-8pm

    • Give Rides to Polls >>> As Needed

Each One, Bring One!  Tell and Bring a Friend!

Frank Cetera, Syracuse Greens
[email protected]

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