Green Volunteer Info for Westcott Street Cultural Fair

Hi and thanks for your interest in volunteering with the Green Party at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair this Sunday September 21st. 

If you can come early and march with us in the parade, meet up at the Westcott Community Center at 11:30 am, the parade will start at 12 noon.  The Fair will continue on until 6 pm.
Please contact Frank to arrange a specific time, we've got gaps in the schedule we need to fill, but can use people at any time of the day.  We'll be tabling, leafleting and more (see next item) from 12 noon - 6 pm.
Tasks we will undertake include: postering within the event area (unless someone can volunteer to do so before Sunday - could it be you?), leafleting within the crowd, tabling in front of Taps, voter registration, signing up volunteers for future events.  
If you are unpracticed in any of these areas, please come a few minutes early for a tutorial.  We'll get you started with some talking points, ways to engage passers-by, and other bits of information that you may need to know.  Barbara and myself will be on-site most of the day  to refer people to if you do not know answers to questions that you may get asked.(except when we may need to assist with other responsibilities such as when I will be tabling for the Cooperative Federal Credit Union at 3-4 pm)
Thanks so much for helping out with growing our local Green Party and spreading the good word about Hawkins for Governor!!  Bring a friend if you can, or refer them to our event page to RSVP at
~ Frank Cetera
Please feel free to call me with questions or updates as to your participation.
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