Join the Syracuse Greens 2013 campaign team!

It takes a village to grassroots raise a campaign! We are looking for Green activists to fill the following vital roles to support our local candidates: Volunteer Coordinator, Scheduler, Data Manager, Fundraiser, and Special Ops.

Full descriptions below. To volunteer for a campaign position, send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] Let us know which position you are interested in, why you would be excited to work in this capacity and any relevant experience you would bring to the campaign. If you have never worked on a campaign with the Syracuse Greens, please provide contact info for a reference (friend, colleagues, comrade) that could vouch for your skills! If you have ideas of other ways you'd like to help, please email Ursula and Reina.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Makes it easy for other people to volunteer. This person organizes volunteer tasks to be easily accomplishable, with clearly defined beginnings and ends. This person also coordinates timing of volunteer activities to not only respect time restraints of our participants, but also to serve the campaign as best as possible. This role should be filled by a flexible, relatable person, who is good at touching base and following up! 


This person should be details oriented and well organized. The scheduler maintains a calendar of events, and knows important details regarding the events scheduled. This person should also be proactive in seeking out opportunities and events for candidates to attend, and politely decline or cancel events or sessions that are either unproductive to the campaign, or cannot be attended by the candidate or a representative.  Well suited for someone (or a couple someones) who are generally aware of what is happening in the city and in the community. This person could also look for opportunities for general Green tabling and voter registration presence.

Database  Manager:

Keeps the database maintained and supports the campaigns data needs - learns how our database works (how lists are organized, how different combinations of lists can be pulled), prepares lists for phonebanking and door knocking, might do data entry. It's a position that requires fairly regular availability, maybe a couple of hours every day or every few days.


This person is the extra fun, social  and organized person who can coordinate house parties and other fundraising events. The Fundraiser keeps the party going and the money flowing! This person must be willing to make connections and pitch an opportunity for financial contributions any chance she or he can get. This person should have some experience planning events and coordinating people who are involved with event planning (like house party hosts).

Special Ops

Special Operations volunteers take on specific, relatively short term projects that are essential to the campaign. Special Ops can follow through on tasks with little supervision. Special Ops projects could include but are not limited to Special Event coordination, executing a mailing, coordinating campaign presence at community events. 


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Join the Syracuse Greens 2013 campaign team! We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to fill a few specific jobs - could you be our new volunteer coordinator? Fundraiser? Or maybe you're suited for Special Ops?
As a political party we work to establish political action based on cooperation, rather than exploitation, on conservation rather than consumption, and on sustainability rather than short-term gain. We believe in an alternative, independent politics.