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Who Mayor Jimmy Cline, together with Dr. Arnold Bevins, Commissioner of Economic Development and Bernard J. Haskins, Chief Architect and CEO of the architectural firm of Ogilvy, Wollman and Hubben

What The mayor's economic development team will make a major announcement concerning development of land formerly owned by the county at Two Day Road and I-69, just within the city limits. 

Where The announcement will be made on site, on the north end of the parcel. Those using I-69 exit 405 (approaching from north or south) will see the colorful green and white tent on the left (south) side of the ramp past the toll booth. Those approaching from town on Two Day Road will see the tent on their left. Parking will be clearly marked. Note: no electric power is available on site. 

When Monday, March 6, at 11:00 p.m. A luncheon buffet will be served from 11:00 to 11:30. The press conference will begin at 11:30 promptly. The mayor and other participants will be available for live TV and radio interviews beginning at about noon. 

Why Mayor Jimmy Cline was reelected on a platform of development. His "Blueprint for Progress" included plans for expansion of light industry and retail commerce from the Orizon River to the interstate. This press conference will be the first in a series of important announcements concerning progress in this effort. 

Contact Press office: Jennifer Burton, Press Secretary, or Hugh Stevens, Depty. Press Secretary, at 309-345-8900





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