NYS Fair Anti-Fracking Rally Starts Greens Coming Together for Fall 2014!

It's that time once again, summer wains, fall beckons, election season is here.  Election Day isNovember 4th, 2014.  Hawkins is polling at 7% (over 3 x as many votes as he received in 2010), and hasn't wavered from his call for a fracking ban just as he did in 2010. 

FIRST, Start off your action steps forward locally to supporting the Hawkins for Governor campaign and growing our local county party by leafleting at the NYS Fair on opening day this Thursday August 21st at 11 am, also know as Governor's Day, when Cuomo will be in attendance, and we'll be rallying alongside New Yorkers Against Fracking!  RSVP and more info at http://www.howiehawkins.org/ban_fracking_rally_at_the_fair

SECOND, Read below for an initial calendar of upcoming events, and goals & tactics locally for this election season.


Note: All future upcoming events will be listed at the Hawkins For Governor Syracuse Outreach Pagehttp://www.howiehawkins.org/syracuse_outreach_events

These goals, tactics, and accompanying strategy will be archived at:

1) Increase active local volunteers to 100 people (from 58 last year)
HOW: Bring a new friend every time you participate in a Green Party campaign activity.

2) Have a presence at all local events relating to campaign issues including fracking, education reform, election financing, jobs, and more.  
HOW: Become an event liaison for leafleting, voter registration, and info sign-ups by contacting us for materials.  Sign up for next month's Westcott Street Cultural Fair tabling, or bring other events to our attention.

3) Everyone participate in at least one phone-banking session from the central campaign office here in Syracuse
HOW: Sign up today by contacting us, phoners are needed every week.

4) Increase our social media, print media, and guerrilla media outreach.
HOW: Daily photo stream from now till election day, Letters to the Editor as often as you can, flyer and posterize the city!  Coordinate with us so we can keep a record.

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