Speak Up for Syracuse! Stop the cuts! Save Centro!

The Central NY Regional Transportation Authority (CENTRO) is proposing drastic service cuts that would reduce and eliminate bus routes. A cut to bus service will hurt our community. Funding for public transit cannot be put on the backs of CENTRO riders. Low-income families, students, seniors, disabled people and workers all depend on this service. Public transportation is a public good and there are alternatives to fare increases and cuts. 

We the undersigned request that our New York State representative support increased funding for public transit and work with the board of Centro to ensure increased funding for the future.

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Jay Lambrix
Christopher niemetz
Robin Lawlor
Tracy Moore
Liora Sanchez-Villegas
Michael Kelly
Mary Bridget House
Jeannine Colvin
Christopher Stewart
Michael Messina-Yauchzy
Lysmarie Figueroa
Ellen Somers
Mike Musler
Patrick Chambers
Robert Poormon
Safia Gravel
Frank Cetera
brian carey
Judith E Moreland
LLeni Pach
Leslie Ulm
ed kinane
bonnie cannan
Sheila Sicilia
Mark Rupert
Derek Mason
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signed 2016-08-22 20:30:18 -0400
I am a student who uses public transit as my primary means of travel. By cutting Centro funding, not only will Syracuse alienate many students from ESF and Syracuse University, but it will also weaken the city’s reputation as a modern cosmpolitan community. Instead of cutting Centro funding, the city needs to invest more heavily in public transit improvement projects, including means by which to promote bus travel and grow Centro ridership.
signed 2015-03-15 17:27:14 -0400
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@scaredsquee tweeted link to this page. 2015-03-09 15:15:45 -0400
Sign the petition: Speak Up for Syracuse! Stop the cuts! Save Centro! http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/save_centro?recruiter_id=83614
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Sign the petition: Speak Up for Syracuse! Stop the cuts! Save Centro!
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signed 2015-03-03 19:28:35 -0500
Public Transit is properly considered part of public infrastructure. Please support funding of it.
signed via 2015-03-03 11:15:39 -0500
Syracuse is already severely under served in terms of public transportation. Please do not cut it further. We need to protect the mobility of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. We need to improve our city, and the quality of life of its people. Everyone should have easy ways to access schools, jobs, health care, food, and other services and amenities without being dependent on cars. This is especially important for children, teenagers, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor. By cutting public transportation you are increasing the disparity between the privileged and the disadvantaged. It is also a disservice to the environment and a choice that is ignoring the critical problem of climate change. We must move away from car dependency, now. If public transportation is underutilized it is because it is inadequate. Look at other cities, in the US, North America, Europe, and around the world. Provision of public transportation and its use is always a positive factor. Mobility is a public right in urban areas. Public transportation should both be frequent and reliable. If you have doubts, research the history of this city and look at the many examples of successful cities with much healthier economies and higher quality of life that all support adequate public transportation and strive to make it accessible and practical for the majority of their population.
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Sign the petition: Speak Up for Syracuse! Stop the cuts! Save Centro! #UnCut
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signed 2015-03-02 10:28:10 -0500
maybe if we drove less, we’d have less need to invade overseas oil lands.
signed 2015-03-02 09:18:26 -0500
This is absurd at a time when we face the serious effects of climate change. The goal should be to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Public transportation helps to reduce the pollution created by fossil fuels and reliance on cars. In addition to reduce public transportation is to allow disregard for social justice that those who must depend on it . Don’t do this!!
signed 2015-03-02 09:10:15 -0500
For many people, this is their ONLY way to get to school and work. If you don’t want more people on welfare, then don’t cut the services they need to get and stay employed!!!
signed 2015-03-02 07:38:49 -0500
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Sign the petition: Speak Up for Syracuse! Stop the cuts! Save Centro!
signed 2015-03-01 23:39:38 -0500
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