Syracuse Procession of the Species - Earth Day


With food for all prepared by Food Not Bombs and sponsored by The Alchemical Nursery and the Organic Consumers Association. A Global Climate Convergence event!!

The Procession of the Species is a joyous, spontaneous artistic pageant where community members celebrate their relationships with each other and with the natural world.

On Procession day, residents don their creative expressions and proceed through the streets of Syracuse in masks and costumes. Carrying banners, windsocks, and giant puppets, they participate in a cultural exchange honoring the awe and splendor of the natural world.

We will parade through downtown Syracuse during rush-hour (on sidewaks) at active intersections, then proceed through Armory Square ending at the Shot-Clock Park (across from Freedom of Espresso) for a Speak-Out on why we love our Earth, and what we can do to help it thrive and survive!. 

Meet at Forman Park at 5pm
Parade starts at 5:30pm (.8 miles to Armory Square)
Speak-Out at 6pm at Shot Clock Park in Armory Square

Facebook event page at

What does the Procession look like?

> A preschool class attending as frogs after making their masks out of cereal boxes and paint.
> Two young friends in batik butterfly wings, fluttering high in the air on stilts.
> Species of all kinds created in a wide range of nature art.
> People of all ages bound by a common desire to play music, who learn to drum in a workshop, form a band, and celebrate by dressing as the element of fire.
> A community group in love with movement, who form a dance group and choreograph their steps to become a night of swirling stars.

Procession of the Species Participation Rules— There are Only Three! The three rules inspire, nourish, and protect the Procession's cultural evolution of imagination, creation, and sharing.

> No written or spoken words. We use no words, symbols or lyrics in our art, music or dance.
> No pets or live animals. We have no live animals in the Procession, with the exception of Service Animals.
> No motorized vehicles. We do not motorize our creations which includes the use of musical amplification. Of course, a motorized wheelchair is certainly permitted.

The Procession seeks to bridge the arts, the environment, and our local community. As a celebration of art, it involves citizens in a creative process affirming art's place in the forum of public expression. As a celebration of species, it awakens public sensibilities to the issues surrounding environmental awareness and protection. As a celebration of community, it enhances the exchange between local schools, local government, businesses, and civic organizations.

Designed to create a cultural exchange rather than an entertainment event, the Procession is an open invitation to participate in imagination, creation, and sharing. By fostering inclusiveness and collaboration, the Procession engages area residents regardless of age, background, or ability. Providing schools, social services, businesses, tribes, and fellowships with the same opportunity, the Procession involves a broad cross section of the community.

The Procession of the Species originated in Olympia Washington (but is now spreading throughout the world!). Here are some pictures from their 2013 event -

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