ELECTION 2020: Howie Hawkins unsurprised by election results, hopeful for Green Party

Syracuse presidential candidate Howie Hawkins expected the 2020 election to be a tough year for third parties. So when his Green Party campaign received less than 0.5% of the popular vote in New York state, he wasn’t surprised.

“(In 2016), there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the candidates, and a lot of progressives wanted to cast a protest vote for the Green Party,” Hawkins said. “But 2020 was a referendum on Trump.”

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7pm May 7th: Virtual Meet and Greet With Dario Hunter, Candidate For Green Party Presidential Nomination


The Most Active, Experienced, and Qualified Candidate on the Ballot in Syracuse

This year in 2018, the special election for an open citywide Councilor-At-Large seat will take place on the general election day of Tuesday November 6th.


I am writing to ask you for a seed donation so that my campaign can produce print materials for our first canvassing actions.Please visit https://votecetera-syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/donate_2018

I am asking you to support my campaign with a donation not because I am a Green Party member, but because I am the most active, experienced, and successful candidate on the ballot.

I am Your Independent Candidate: Accepting no for-profit interest financial donations from either individuals, PACs, or political/campaign committees.  Advocating for equal party representation on our elected government bodies and non-partisan ballots.   

I am Your Workers Candidate: Public Employee providing Small Business Development Assistance to Entrepreneurs; AFL/CIO/AFT/NYSUT/OCCFTA Local 1845 Steward Representative for over 100 Professional Administrators; Delegate to the Greater Syracuse Labor Council; Delegate to the National American Federation of Teachers Convention.

I am Your Community Candidate: Manage two Community Gardens on South Salina St and Gifford St providing fresh food for the neighborhoods; Member/Participant of Take Back The Streets initiative; Near Westside resident and activist (Adopt-A-Block and Adopt-A-Trashcan, Westside Walks Snow Shoveling Brigade, TNT - Tomorrow's Neighborhoods Today citywide Board Member).

I am Your System Change Candidate: Drafted Legislation for Syracuse as Sanctuary City, and Sidewalks Repair/Maintenance/Snow Removal; Advocate for Public input and participation for Councilor open seat appointment, participating in drafting change to charter to provide for special elections without special interest appointments.

I am Your Walkable/Bikable Syracuse Candidate: Regular year-round bicycle and pedestrian commuter to work and for errands; Successfully implemented traffic calming projects such as street mural, additional stop signs; Volunteer for Bikes 4 Peace Pop-up Bicycle repair clinics.  

I am your Leadership Candidate. I am the only candidate who publicly posted a resume for this position's appointment earlier this year - and who still believes in transparency as a first principle in politics. I am the Board President of the 24 million dollar in assets Community Development Financial Institution Cooperative Federal Credit Union. I led the strategic planning process of the new TNT after formation as an independent organization.

I am the only candidate who publicly posted a resume for this position's appointment earlier this year - and who still believes in transparency as a first principle in politics. 



Let's make history together in Syracuse this year, and I'll be your watchdog, your advocate, and your Councilor-At-Large not afraid to speak up!

Sincerely ~ Frank


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2017 Syracuse Green Candidates

Howie Hawkins for Mayor      Campaign Ad        Website

Frank Cetera for Councilor-At-Large       Campaign Ad        Website

Eric Graf for 2nd District Councilor       Campaign Ad        Website

Serena Rahzie Seals for 4th District Councilor      Campaign Ad        Website

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Cool Kids Hang Out with the Greens


This is Jeremiah Betsey, a cool kid hanging out with the Greens at a campaign committee meeting with his aunt, Serena Seals, the Green candidate for 4th District Councilor.

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Green Party to Judicial Candidates: Don't Steal Our Ballot Line

Green Party to Judicial Candidates: Don't Steal Our Ballot Line

The Green Party handed out the statement below at the judicial candidates forum at the Southwest Community Center tonighturging voters not to vote for three judicial candidates who filed Green Party designating petitions: Democrat Frank B. Pelosi for City Court Judge, Republican Loretta R. Kilpatrick for Surrogates Court Judge, and Republican Michele Pirro Bailey for Family Court Judge
The Green Party believes that judicial candidates who have filed Green Party designating petitions after being asked not to are showing poor judgment for people who want to be judges, the statement said.
"The Green Party was created for Green candidates, not the candidates of other parties,” said Howie Hawkins, Chair of the Green Party of Onondaga County and the Green candidate for mayor of Syracuse.
The statement thanks City Court Judge candidates Vanessa Bogan and James Cecile for refraining from petitioning for the Green Party ballot line. Hawkins noted that since the statement was drafted, Mary Keib Smith for Surrogates Court Judge and Beth Lockhart for Family Court Judge have also pledged to respect the Green Party’s political independence and not seek the Green Party ballot line.
The deadline for designating petitions was July 13. But the deadline for Opportunity To Ballot petitions, which could create a write-in primary for the Green line, is July 20.
These candidates for judge have shown poor judgment.
  • Frank B. Pelosi, Democrat for City Court Judge
  • Loretta R. Kilpatrick, Republican for Surrogates Court Judge
  • Michele Pirro Bailey, Republican for Family Court Judge
These candidates for judge have shown poor judgment. They have disrespected the Green Party’s political independence and party rules.
These Democratic and Republican candidates were asked by the Green Party to not petition for the Green ballot line. But they did anyway. The Green Party doesn’t want Democrats and Republicans on the ballot as “Green” candidates.
Under the state Election Law – unlike candidates for legislative and executive public offices – judicial candidates are not required to get authorization from a party they are not enrolled in to run on its ballot line. But legal is not necessarily ethical.
There are 8 party lines on New York ballots for 2015-2018, but only three political alternatives – Democratic, Republican, and Green. 
7 of the party ballot lines were created by the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial tickets in 2014 by receiving at least 50,000 votes on those ballot lines. The Democratic ticket also created the Independence, Working Families, and Women’s Equality ballot lines. The Republican ticket also created Conservative and Reform ballot lines. 
The Green Party ballot line was created by the 2014 Gubernatorial Green ticket for Green candidates, not for candidates from other parties. We created the Green Party as an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans, not as just another ballot line like the little satellite parties, which routinely endorse the major parties’ candidates.
We also want to note that two City Court Judge candidates, Democrats Vanessa E. Bogan and James H. Cecile, respected the Green Party’s political independence.   Judge Bogan asked the Green Party before petitioning and respected our request not to. Judge Cecile knew about our policy of political independence and respected it without having to ask.
We thank these judges for demonstrating good judgement.
We ask voters to take these considerations into account when they vote.
Green Party of Onondaga County
315-475-7055, P.O. Box 562, Syracuse NY 13205
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Summer Mixer & Fundraiser w/ 2017 Green Candidates for Office

Mix with the 2017 Syracuse Green Party Candidates - Frank Cetera for citywide At-Large Councilor, Serena "Rahzie" Seals for 4th District Councilor, Eric Graf for 2nd District Councilor, Howie Hawkins for Mayor. Featuring "mix-tape" music, mixed drinks, a mix of different party dips with veggies and breads for dunking, and garden tours. $30 suggested donation. No one turned away. Candidates will address the attendees as a group at 7:00 pm.

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Cetera is Green Party Candidate for Syracuse Common Council At-Large 2017

For Immediate Release: Frank Cetera, Green Party Candidate for Syracuse Common Council At-Large
For more information: Frank Cetera; 315-308-1372[email protected]www.votecetera.org

WHAT: Announcement, Cetera for Councilor At-Large
DATE: Monday, May 8, 2017
TIME: 12:15 PM
WHERE: Syracuse City Hall, Front Steps

Frank Cetera will declare his candidacy for 2017 Councilor At-Large on Monday, May 8 at 12:15 PM on the front steps of Syracuse City Hall.

Cetera will outline his plan for A SYRACUSE THAT WORKS - jobs for its people and a city government that gets things done. 
"The goal of city government must be to end poverty and create opportunities for all families to have a dignified life – with living wage jobs, fully funded schools and a responsive city government."
Frank Cetera is 44 years old and lives with his wife Ursula Rozum on Otisco St in the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse.  He has worked as a NYS Certified Business Advisor with the Onondaga Small Business Development Center at Onondaga Community College since 2009, providing business development planning and analysis to small and medium sized enterprises.  During that time, Cetera has accounted for the creation of 294 jobs, and the economic investment of $3,730,000 into the small business engine of our communities.  In service to his fellow workers, he also serves as Professional Administrators' At-Large Union Steward for NYSUT Local 1845 OCC Federation of Teachers and Administrators, as well as Delegate to the Greater Syracuse Labor Council.  
Cetera's additional experience includes the role of Board President of Cooperative Federal Credit Union since 2010, a Community Development Credit Union that manages $22 million in assets and that serves those in Syracuse neighborhoods that are underserved by traditional banking entities.  Cetera has also helped lead the recent rebirth of the Tomorrows Neighborhoods Today community planning sectors as citywide Vice-Chair, and Chair of the strategic planning committee; as well as initiated and implemented numerous grassroots projects such as the 610 Gifford St Community Garden, the Near Westside's Adopt-A-Trashcan program, and the NY Cooperative Business Network.  
Cetera received 21% of the vote for 2nd District Councilor in a 3-way race with an incumbent Democrat and a Republican challenger in 2015.  Cetera also has experience working on Green Party campaigns dating back to 2010 as a canvassing volunteer, finance advisor, volunteer coordinator, website and social media manager, and office manager.  Cetera was also a local organizer for the Hawkins for Governor campaigns in 2010 and 2014, where he helped the Green Party secure a ballot line for the next four years as they received over 50,000 votes in 2010, and 184,419 (5% of the vote) in 2014, enough to leap over the Independence and Working Families parties to take the fourth line on New York ballots.
"Many of my supporters have urged me to run At-Large due to my diverse experience with all quadrants of the city, having lived and worked everywhere from the North Salina St corridor and Hawley-Green, to the Westcott neighborhood, to the Brighton & South Salina St corridor, and the Near Westside.  Having moved to Syracuse in 2006 for graduate school and stayed for the community, I truly feel like I am a citizen of the city as a whole, and among my current challengers I can best represent every residents' interests ."
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CaringCents Hype Video


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Fundraising Local Get Out The Vote Efforts


The Green Party of Onondaga County is focusing its efforts this election season on Get Out The Vote outreach for Presidential candidate Jill Stein (with VP running mate Ajamu Baraka), and United State Senator candidate Robin Laverne Wilson.

As with every election season, it is time to ask you to be as generous as you can to help support our efforts locally in these endeavors. Can you please make a one-time financial donation to our County fund today so that we can outreach for these candidates as effectively as possible here in CNY?

Many of you give every election season to support local candidates, and some of that money goes towards supporting our County office, supplies, and volunteer support infrastructure. With no local candidates on the ballot this year, you won't be getting any phone calls asking directly for money from them. So we are reaching out as a County Committee to ask instead.

We already have scheduled events that have taken place such as:

> Our outreach at the Great New York State Fair
> Parading and tabling at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair
> Weekly phone-banking
> Open The Debates Rally in front of Clinton's Syracuse Campaign Headquarters
> Standouts on the corner of West Genesee and West Fayette streets with signs

As well as upcoming outreach including:
> Door-Knocking in October
> Phone-banking and standouts continuing through Election Day
> Read more from our recent organizing meeting.

Help us make this year another great Green turnout at the ballots, and keep the pressure on the 2-party system by helping us show up as the independent third party alternative here in New York!

Make your one-time 2016 election season financial donation today!!

With Dignity,

Frank Cetera, Onondaga County Treasurer, NY State Committee Representative

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